On the Ground (2020)

On the Ground (2020)


This clip is repeatedly projected onto a tree trunk. When Alice from Alice in Wonderland discovered the rabbit hole underneath a tree, she crawled and fell into it. At the same time, a pair of hands were trying to carve into the tree trunk during the projection.

Alice was very excited during the fall and without any fear. She talked to herself as if her two egos were talking. On the one hand, she reminded herself that she was impolite and not invited. On the other hand, she felt fascinated by the new things that were about to happen.

The second voice, whispering without emotion at first, repeated Alice's words but became intense and frightened as the clip repeated for the second time. Right next to the trunk, the girl in a black dress, holding a telescope (or a small projector), seems to be wandering on the ground or trying to find an entrance to "Wonderland". However, as she seemed to find a "hole", we couldn't be sure whether there was a real entrance or if it was only an image the girl projected.


The repeated gesture of the carving hands is like sorcery that mediates between the fantasy world and the real world, praying to be disembodied to enter the other world, transforming the imagination of Alice in Wonderland, from the crossing physical body to a conscious body that is duplicated while gazing at the image.

Featuring   TSAI Yun-Ju
Video Synchronization   Wancat LIN
Photo records   CHU Chi-Hung
Video records   LIN Yan-Xiang

林沛瑤   作品
A WORK BY Lin Pei-Yao