Give Me Five(2020)

Give Me Five(2020)


雙頻道錄像裝置 double-channel video installation



Sometimes I'm just thinking, or recalling something, while looking out the window. The scenery isn't really regarded. And memories, seem to be montaged by the wind, by the slowly-fluttering curtain.

A scene, or a period of time, and a window veiled by a curtain constantly recurs. The repeating gesture of turning pages, seems to be putting a spell, or just reliving past memories by looking old photo albums, almost acts like praying for a presence— the presence of a constantly floating, changing and bluring, but still unforgettable moment.

演員 莊雅婷/拍攝協助 蔡高來河/影片同步、程式設計 林宏信
Featuring Zhaung Ya-Ting
Photography assistant KO LAIHE
Video Sychronization, Programming Wancat Lin

林沛瑤 作品
A WORK BY Lin Pei-Yao