Windowing (2020)

Windowing (2020)

double-channel video, 3D printing
Tian Tian(田田) Group Exhibition, Sanchong Air Force Military kindred Village No.1, New Taipei, Taiwan

"The huge machines that continue to operate in the 3D printing series are neither invasive nor industrial-looking. They are machines of the mind, operating like the subconscious—latent, uninductive, and detached from consciousness." (LIN Hung-Miao, Video as the Medium of the Unconscious, 2020)

The video recorded the process of the 3D printer as it prints "windows" that have the same shape as the building on site.

Through the process of image matting, the blue color is extracted and transformed into “transparent”, leaving the trace of a horizontal pattern. As the printer moves, a pattern is formed that moves upwards from left to right. In one video, the outside view seen through the window is static, while in the other it rapidly moves, and we can see the sun and trees outside through the windows besides. This experience of gazing reminds us of countless times in life when we simply looked out of the window for a long time, and our thoughts and body were detached yet operating together, which is similar to gazing at the slow process of 3D printing taking shape: like the mind's own constant formation and reshaping.

3D modeling   WU Yi-Jhen

林沛瑤   作品
A WORK BY Lin Pei-Yao